Monday, March 24, 2008

Another New York Moment . . .

One of my favorite spots in New York is the dog "park" at Union Square. It is more like a little dog pit. It's like an alternate universe of friendliness where it is acceptable to talk to strangers. And well...The DOGS are adorable! Today there was this cutest puppy. His owner gave him a treat and suddenly 7 other dogs were jumping on the guy. It was hilarious.

Anyway. I was standing there laughing and looked over my shoulder and kind of did a double-take because this man was standing right behind me and he was wearing white make-up and looked like a vampire. Serious. He addressed a small boy with blonde hair wearing a baseball cap who looked like he belonged in the California sun. The man was speaking to a woman behind the fence in the pit about a dog and she said it was hers and his name is ferny or something. The guy said, "He looks very happy." The Vampire then addressed the boy and said, "Did you hear that son? His name is Ferny!" The boy said, "Yes. I heard dad." These two did not look like they belonged together.

The man continued to talk to the woman because there were several feathers all over the park from a community pillow fight over the weekend. The woman was so angry about it. So I chimed in and said that it was this improv group and they do it every year. She said she wanted to make a complaint because it looked awful. I think it looks kind of cool. I then said they do random improvs all over the city. Like once they did something where they had a bunch of redheads meet up somewhere in the city. The boy said, "That would be mom. She's a redhead" to the Vampire. The two of them then left. So the woman says to me, "Only in New York City would you see that. A Ghoul and an All-American boy walking off together." I had to agree with her. It was very peculiar.

Is this for real?

So I've begun perusing ads for apartments on Craigslist because I am....drumroll please....considering....making the move back into Manhattan. I'm thinking upper westside or maybe lower eastside. This would be a move in a few months. I'm just starting to look around and see if it is even possible within my price range.

Anywho. I just read this post and had to do a double-take. Is this for REAL? Give me a break. Eww! See below.

$775 Female Roommate Wanted - Your own bedroom in 2 1/2 Bedroom apartment (East Village)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-03-22, 4:45PM EDT

Furnished bedroom available in spacious 2 1/2 bedroom apartment. Doorman, high floor, city and sunset views, sunny, etc. Washer, dryer and dishwasher in the apartment. The apartment has good heat, is quiet for sleeping, has good air-conditioning, high speed internet and a spare computer for the roommate's use. It's an elevator building and there is a health club in the building. The room is about 200 sq. ft., has a double bed, dresser, desk, walk in closet and a window with a nice view. I'm looking for a female roommate who will occasionally not wear clothes when I ask in exchange for free rent. No sex whatsoever required. Otherwise the rent is $775/month, everything included.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Overheard Waiting for the N Train

Last Sunday I was waiting. As usual. Waiting on the platform for the N train from Queens into Manhattan.

I heard a man off to my left say to another man, "Excuse me. I am sorry to interrupt. But I just want to say I think it is wonderful that you are reading to your daughter. I am a teacher and I wish more parents would do that."

The dad who was reading a book to his daughter said, "I don't know why anyone wouldn't!"

Then, a woman sitting on same bench as me commented to the man next to her, "Jewish people ALWAYS read to their children. That's why they are so smart." Then she repeated herself while clipping her nails at the same time.

For a brief moment I felt a sense of community. A rare moment for me in New York since I tend to be shy. Even though I didn't make any comments.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I know it has been awhile since my last post. But I feel as though I can honestly say I haven't been up to anything worth writing about. Why? Because I've been sick for awhile. And before that I messed up my back carrying a new mattress up the stairs. So I have spent alot of time at home. Contemplating life. Watching TV. BORED!!!

Well. Last night I went to see "Be Kind. Rewind". I absolutely loved it so wanted to give the movie a shout-out. It's getting mixed reviews saying it is not realistic. Who wants reality??? That's the whole point of the film. And I felt that this film aligns perfectly with this here blog. Just like going back in time and writing what I wished I said, in this movie these characters reinsert themselves into film history. In the film the main characters have to remake or "Suede" several films on no budget in order to save their rental business. On the movie website you can insert yourself into the covers of several films. I played around a bit and wanted to post my pics (see below).

I definitely recommend seeing this movie if you need a light-hearted bost. And the website is a blast as well. Check it out! Click on the "Suede yourself" link and have fun!

Monday, November 19, 2007

What I Should Have Said: Awkward Encounter at Fundraiser

I volunteered at a fundraiser for college scholarships. My friend organized it and it was a lovely evening (kudos to Alyssa).

But I experienced something that I thought, "Hmmm...I want to write about this on my blog."

So I was seated at a table with some random people. Always a good opportunity to practice my people skills. There was a guy sitting next to me who had that look in his eye. Like he was happy to see me. The only way I can describe it is Hungry Eyes? He turned to me and said something like, "Well. Hello. I don't think we've met." I was feeling a little awkward. A little stared at by the dude. I couldn't figure out if he was there with the woman he was sitting next to. Until I noticed his hand on her leg. So I asked how they met. He said in a park. He was from Austria. At one point he turns to me and says, "Is that your leg touching mine under the table?" I immediately looked under the table in a panic and saw that my leg was nowhere near his. His leg was up against the leg of the table. I said, "Nope. Not me. Sorry to disappoint you."

What is the appropriate thing to do in this situation? I was actually pretty proud that I said the first thing that came to mind. But it really is a difficult situation to be in b/c I want to be a polite dinner socializer, but I also don't want to stir the pot. But give me a break. Oh well. He's European.

What I should of said:

No. That's not my leg. But you are going to feel my leg kickin' you upside your head if you don't chill out. Ha ha.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Celebrity Sighting: Chelsea

It has been a LONG time. I have been super busy at work. This is a very busy season for art galleries. Alot of art fairs going on, etc.

But I figured it wouldn't take me very long to say that I spotted Ethan Hawke in Chelsea on my way to work. He was walking a dog. This is the second time I have seen him. The first time was at my favorite Burrito place in Manhattan--Uncle Moes. Both times I've seen him my heart skipped a beat and he made me blush. What the? I think he just has charisma or something.

But then, the other night my co-worker was jabbing me in the back with her finger and I was like, "What?" Turns out he ran by the gallery with his daughter riding piggy-back and they looked in the gallery as they passed. I missed it. She said she didn't want to be rude and point at him. Maybe someday he will actually come IN the gallery. Now that would be something.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If Tubing is a "White Trash" Activity, Then White Trash I Be!

This last saturday was one of the 2 saturdays I have left before moving back to working Tues-Sat. So I decided that instead of lounging around I would have a bit of an adventure, wake-up at 6:30 AM and go tubing. I rode on a bus for 2.5 hours with a bunch of singles to an unknown destination, which I later learned was Phoenicia, NY. Here our group was instructed in the art of tubing, and we were then sent off on our own down the river.

Growing up in Kansas we used to go on a ride at World's of Fun called, "Fury of the Nile". Well. Tubing was like that. ONLY BETTER! I bit it once and fell off my tube. I was telling a fisherman that there were alot more of us coming down the river and the next thing I knew I was underwater. I tried to look like I meant it to happen. Yeah right.

I didn't want to get behind, so I paddled forward. Soon I ended up with a bunch of strangers in the group ahead of us and so had to wait for some familiar faces. I guess I am a fast tuber.

Needless to say. It was a blast. The only bad part was riding back on the bus in 98 degree weather with no AC and no windows! Here I was trying to look attractive because it was a single's activity. And heat is not exactly my best look. Although I did strip down to my bathing suit and had to hike up my skirt. But redheads in hot weather are not known for being super-cute. We mostly look sick. I said, "If I could name my worst-case scenario. This would be it." Soon the guy next to me started to spout off about how he feels like he is surrounded by negativity and it isn't that bad. Whatever! Can't a person complain if it is justified? When we got back to the city I saw a clock that said it was 98 degrees. And when we stepped off the bus I actually felt COOL! Ah. Well. I survived my worst-case scenario. And probably sweated out alot of toxins in the process. Most importantly, I got some outdoor time and got to reconnect with a couple of friends.

What I Should Have Said: Awkward Encounter at Church III

Well. This time my moment of awkwardness was not in the single's congregation, but at a "traditional" or what I call a "family" congregation. I like to bounce around a bit.

I stayed after church to go to a "Munch and Mingle" where you get to know your fellow church-goers. I was in the room with only one couple. The wife left for a moment leaving just me and her husband. He pointed to his wife and said, "I'm with her. Just so you know and don't hit on me or anything." response? Pretend like I didn't hear him.

What I should have said:

"In your dreams."
"You're not my type."
"I don't think YOU have to worry about that."
"I'm not THAT desperate."
"Well. There's always polygamy." (for those of you who don't know, Mormons don't actually practice polygamy anymore.)

Was he making a joke? Maybe. I don't really know the guy. So it made me uncomfortable. To say the least. And it perpetuates the idea that single women can't be friends with married men. Or even talk to them for that matter. When really I am trying to get to know the people there, find friends and connect with fellow human beings. Maybe it is awkward for him because he doesn't know many single women. What he doesn't understand is that many of the men I have been friends with in the past are now married. And they are still my friends. Argh! Perhaps in writing this I sound bitter. But more than anything, I'd like to overcome stereotypes that are placed on me as a single woman. Stereotypes that I've only heard mention of, but never actually knew they existed. Or MAYBE he is so smart, that he knows these stereotypes exist and so was trying to overcome them by using humor.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Adventures in Utah: The Spiral Jetty

During my vacation in Utah I decided to make the trek out to Robert Smithson's "Spiral Jetty". Smithson was one of the originators of conceptual "Earth Art". You can read more about it on his official web site.

Getting to the Jetty was half the fun. It took us an hour to get over about 9 miles of bumpy roads in my mom's Toyota. We had to walk the last 1/4 mile in the hot sun because the road was too rocky.

This is what the terrain looked like...

My mom and brother got into a fight over the water bottle. The sun was beating down pretty hard on us.

Often the Jetty is covered over by the Salt Lake. Because SLC is in a drought, we were able to see it. There was absolutely no one around, and the lake was perfectly still. The black rocks were crusted with salt crystal and contrasted with the pink color of the Lake.

I spotted this alien-looking shape and upon closer examination realized it was just a small branch covered in salt.

The bottom of the lake was composed completely of Salt. My brother and I ventured out into the lake, and it only went to our mid-calves. We probably could have walked right out to the mountains in the distance. And it is true that you can float--on your back or your stomach. I have never been in such a still body of water. 2 cranes swam up to examine my brother and I. That was the only sign of life. There were small patches of salt floating all along the surface that glowed in the sunlight.

The lake bottom was so salty that the crystals scraped my knee when I tried to rest it on the bottom. You can also see that my leg was covered in Salt when I got out. As was the rest of my body.

Walking back to the car I found this bug preserved in the salt on the beach.

I was sad to leave the Jetty behind knowing that the landscape constantly evolves with the weather and will never be like it was on this day. Especially since it took so much work to get to. I hadn't been out of the city in 7 months prior to this trip. So this experience reminded me that there are so many peculiar places on earth that I haven't seen. This seems obvious, but it's something you forget in the day to day of city-dwellin'. I never fathomed that such a surreal place could exist. Because I live in the city, where no space is left unused, I couldn't believe that this natural wonder simply exists and serves no obvious purpose. Weird!

I definitely need to venture out of the city more often.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Brief Hiatus

Why the break? Well. I have been on vacation for 2 weeks in Utah. So I have alot of updates to make. And before that my computer was down for a week. I finally had to breakdown and purchase a new hard drive. BUMMER. But now my computer is up and running. More to come . . .

Friday, July 27, 2007

Guess Who Made the News...

Not me. But my gallery is in the Arts section of the Times this week. My job was to ship ALL of the art for the exhibition to our gallery. Not an easy task!

This link will probably not work after a few days. But here it is anyway. THE REVIEW.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My life is rated G

Well. I don't know if this is a sad, or a good thing. But apparently, my life is rated G. You can click on the image below and rate your blog.

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How do you pronounce Menomena

I attended a free concert with my friends Mel & Jason (mentioned in previous posts) this last Friday. And while I do not yet have pictures posted, I thought I would introduce my readers to a great band. They provided a fun live performance and the bass player had really nice arms (this is to help you visualize it without pics--not to objectify him). And according to Jason, the drummer was really tight. I was most impressed by his singing voice though. He also looked alot like John Heder (of Napolean Dynamite fame). The band said they were really nervous because it was the largest crowd they'd ever played for. How sweet. Well. I get this feeling it won't be the last. I loved their sound and highly recommend them. They are especially best heard live.


Menomena (pronounced like phenomena--I think). I really like the video posted here for the song, "Wet and Rusting".
Menomena on myspace . . .

No Longer a Kayaking Virgin

Almost a year ago I attended a service auction where you donate a service, receive "Money" for it, and can then bid on services provided by other participants. Jas offered up the "service" of taking the highest bidder on an adventure or his or her choosing, and I was the highest bidder. I know that I am kind of a wimp in the heat, so I decided I'd like to do something in the water....Kayaking! So. It has been hard to coordinate, but over a year later, we finally went kayaking last weekend.

I don't have any pictures from this part of the adventure, because, well, there is water involved so we left the camera behind. I will include a link to the kayaking group we went out with. They allow you to go with them free up to three times, and then ask you to join their kayaking club after that. I definitely recommend it for anyone in the NYC area. But it is best if you can get there by car. Here is a link to the Sebago Canoe Club for more information. I had never been kayaking, so was a little nervous I would get out to sea and not be able to get myself back. But the guides were very considerate, and I feel like I picked it up fairly quickly.

I do have a few pics that Jas, my host-with-the-most, took on our post-kayaking adventure. We picked up his mom somewhere in Brooklyn, and then went to his sister's place somewhere in Brooklyn to clean up for a late lunch. His sister was very kind to let us crash at her place for awhile.

We walked through the most non-New York City neighborhood of charming Victorian homes to a nearby Afghan restaurant. Here are a few pics from the meal. . . .

This was the yummiest appetizer! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. It is basically a deep-fried shell with pumpkin-paste inside. (Sounds good right? Well. There is a reason I don't write about food for a profession.)

This was a sampler of beef, lamb and chicken with rice. They were all yummy. But I think I liked the lamb the best.

Here is Jas with Mommy . . .

Here is Jas laughing at one of the many anecdotes I shared at lunch . . .

After lunch, Jordan (a welcome addition to our kayaking crew and childhood friend of Jas) said he was really craving ice cream with sprinkles from an ice cream truck. And low and behold his wish came true . . .

Here is a pic of probably the most beautiful child in Brooklyn (in yellow) with her sister who Jas thought looked kind of mean . . .

After lunch we crashed back at sisses apartment. Jordan did not move from this position for about an hour. The poor guy was tired (as was I--picture me sprawled out on a nearby couch). And while it may look like he is in a compromising position (hand-in-lap) it is actually just the angle.

And finally, here is a farewell photo to thank Jas for taking me on a most excellent summer adventure. Because this expression sums up how I anticipate he will look when he reads this blog entry.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Rare Photo Opportunity

Often when you get on an empty subway car in New York it usually means that the air conditioning doesn't work. Or it stinks. I hopped on this train and it was empty...just because it was empty. This is a rare opportunity. To have a car all to oneself. Especially for several stops. So I decided to capture it on my camera phone to share this "thrilling" moment. After living here for 3 years, the things that excite me are not so monumental to others. And the things that excite visitors simply get on my nerves.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Celebrity Sighting: Whole Foods Union Square

I'm happy to report that while I was standing in line at Whole Foods I spotted Michael Showalter. Although I couldn't remember his name at the time. Many people know him from a clever little film called, The Baxter. It's very charming.

HOWEVER, what I most loved him on was an MTV comedy show called THE STATE. It had a short run, but it was HE-LARIOUS!

This is not a picture I took of him. BUT, this is what he looked like the day I saw him. Kinda scruffy. And he was with some girl. And this is what I imagine he might have done when he got home from shopping at Whole Foods.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Getting hit cars that is.

We had an opening at work the other night. It was a madhouse! Busy as all get-out. I was standing at the front desk when someone comes running in and says, "Call 911. Someone just got hit by a car." So I of course called 911, but had no idea what I was reporting. So had to yell at my colleague to get answers for the dispatcher on the line. Here are some of the questions she asked...

Is the victim breathing? Yes
Is the victim bleeding? No
Is the vicim conscious? Yes
Is the victim male or female? Female
How old is the victime? 30-40
What is your address?
What is your phone number?
Is the car still on the scene? Yes
What is the license plate number?
What is your name?

I think that was about it. It seemed like alot of questions at the time. She told me to make sure to tell the victim not to move. It took what seemed like an eternity, and the ambulance finally arrived.

Apparently the woman was about to get towed, so she ran out to her car to move it, didn't look both ways and ran into a slow moving care. I am happy to report that she is fine. I went out and said to her, "You are going to be okay. I know it's scary. But you'll be okay." She mostly just looked scared.

Never a dull moment . . .

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Overheard in New York . . .

I walked past an older gentleman speaking to someone on the phone yesterday in Queens. I'll assume it was a woman. He said, "Get all dolled up, we're going to Target and then to Outback. I'm taking you to dinner!"

Depending on your outlook you might think, "That is the luckiest woman in the world!" Or, you might think, "Oh that poor woman." I'll leave it up to you to decide.

Friday, May 11, 2007

What I Should Have Said: Awkward Encounter at Church II

A few Sunday's ago I walked into my single's congregation kind of late. I quickly surveyed the room to find a familiar face, saw a friend of mine and sat by him. I also happened to sit next to a guy on my right whom I didn't know very well. No big deal. A girl down the row from us was trying to get the attention of the guy to my right. So I tapped him ONCE and he said, "Don't Touch." Okay. I laughed thinking it was a joke, but he wasn't kidding. I felt kind of bad. I figured maybe he has OCD or something. I can respect that. So I scooted closer to the friend on the left to give the dude some room. At the end of the meeting I asked him to pass me a hymnal for singing and he said, "Demanding." So I said, "Well. You told me not to touch you, so I didn't want to lean over you to grab it!" It made sense to me. I think he may have cracked a smile. I didn't want to probe.

What I should have said . . .
"Hey. It's a public place. It's New York. It's crowded. Get used to it."

This is as creative as I can get. I didn't wanna be mean to the guy. Although I suppose he was being kind of mean to me. But sometimes you just want your space.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Plight of Tall Women

I ran across this article on MSN about the plight of tall women who have a difficult time dating.

Click here to check out the article.

I have to admit. That when I read this I felt a little depressed. Especially the part about how fewer men approach tall women. That's sad. I'm not opposed to dating shorter men.

But then I found THIS article geared towards shorter men. I realized maybe I don't have it so bad. Or maybe short men and tall women belong together because we both understand what it feels like to be . . . unique.

Here is the article for shorter men. The poor guy they have pictured here looks so sad about his shortness. Buck up buddy!